To move towards a digital, service-based focus, organizations need a clear digital vision with a strategy for digital transformation. Digital transformation is not simply about deploying new technology; it is about the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the change and opportunities presented by digital technologies in a strategic and prioritized way. By driving digitization at every touch point and at every level – employee, customer and operations – organizations can catalyze change and add value across the entire enterprise. 

As part of the move to transform from enterprise out, it is time leadership changes the way they look at technology. Best-of-breed technologies deployed in silos and overtime will be disjointed and will create complex technology landscapes with an emphasis on customization, resulting in environments that are brittle and expensive to maintain. The concept is fundamental to digital transformation. Rather than considering core solutions as separate entities, they should be viewed as a connected, value-driven ecosystem that can be used to create interrelated products, services and software that act as value-multipliers for other parts of the organization. 

When technology is looked at in this integrated way, it will drive customer and employee engagement, along with operations efficiency and position organizations to embrace digital transformation from the enterprise out. 

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