The Nomad Futurist team has had a lot of great people on the podcast over the last three and a half years, and a few personal experiences along the way as well. In this episode, Nabeel and Phillip take the opportunity to recap the first half of 2023, discuss future goals for the Foundation, and share some insights on the industry.

The duo takes a look back at their journey thus far and discusses a question they get asked a lot: Why did they start this podcast?

Nabeel shares:

“At the bottom of our hearts, it’s really a lot of passion to create awareness and leave this world a better place than we’ve found it for the next generation.”

Phil shares:

“I think it’s also a vehicle for our guests to share the kind of unspoken things that they’ve come across in their journeys. It has provided a platform for people to take this kind of 30,000-foot view of their own careers, of their own lives and find ways to articulate things that they would not otherwise have been able to articulate – and what we’ve learned in many of these cases has been profound.”

Educating the younger generation is a main goal of the Foundation and an important topic in this episode. Phil shares his view on what adults can do to aid in the next generations success:

“We as a society, as a community, as an industry and as parents can interject elements of our careers, elements of what we do for a living into our kids’ schooling, which would benefit not just those kids, but the other kids in their class and the kids that come behind them.”

According to Nabeel, the real purpose of this podcast is to reach out to listeners who will join the Foundation’s journey and be a change agent.

“We need everyone’s help in spreading the word, creating awareness and giving the next generation an opportunity to be better than we are. Give them a career path, give them a reason to do good things, I think that’s really the core of the Foundation and what we are striving for.”

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