DALLAS, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aligned Data Centers, a leading technology infrastructure company offering innovative, sustainable and adaptive Scale Data Centers and Build-to-Scale solutions for global hyperscale and enterprise customers, announces it is the first corporate sponsor to join the Nomad Futurist Foundation (NFF). The NFF, co-founded by Phillip Koblence and Nabeel Mahmood, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2021 to demystify the world of digital infrastructure and empower younger generations through exposure to the underlying technologies that power our digital world.

Aligned will support NFF’s efforts to tackle a key challenge facing the digital infrastructure industry. Despite being one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, the industry is aging, with insufficient new talent to support future growth. Contributing factors include lack of industry visibility, lack of diversity, a risk-averse approach to hiring, and a paucity of relevant educational options.

“At Aligned, we are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion to promote new ways of thinking, analyzing and problem-solving,” says Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned Data Centers. “We’re excited to expand our existing technical training, internship, scholarship and community outreach efforts through a partnership with Nomad Futurist to teach younger generations about the value of trades and careers in critical facilities.”

NFF’s primary focus is on addressing the issue at a foundational level by helping children in underserved communities understand the technologies that power today’s devices and applications and helping create a pipeline of future data center leaders.

“Aligned’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and nurturing raw talent, along with their strong focus on data center innovation and sustainability makes them an ideal partner for us,” says Phillip Koblence, Co-Founder of Nomad Futurist. “Their generous donation and insights will be invaluable as we work together to fulfill our mission to identify and nurture future leaders of the digital infrastructure space.”

Foundation initiatives also include the Nomad Futurist Podcast, designed to attract new talent by showcasing technology leaders who share their personal stories and advice for getting started in the field. See the podcast of Aligned’s Chief Innovation Officer — Phill Lawson-Shanks whose inspiring journey led him from London Heathrow Airport Security to a data center thought leader.

The Foundation additionally partners to support internships and programs designed to introduce students to opportunities in the data center industry such as the recent Power Up Program led by AFCOM and members of the AFCOM and DCW Gen/Next Advisory Board.

About Aligned Data Centers
Aligned Data Centers is a leading technology infrastructure company offering innovative, sustainable, and adaptive Scale Data Centers and Build-to-Scale solutions for global hyperscale and enterprise customers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows densification and vertical growth within the same footprint, enabling customers to scale up without disruption, all while maintaining industry-leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions, combined with our patented cooling technology, offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability and their bottom line. For more information, visit www.aligneddc.com and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About The Nomad Futurist Foundation
The Nomad Futurist Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to demystify the world of digital infrastructure and the related technologies that impact every aspect of our daily lives. The Foundation aims to empower and inspire younger generations through exposure to the underlying technologies that power our digital world. Through the contributions of our supporters, we are launching programs in partnership with a range of education providers, NGOs and other nonprofit organizations committed to educating children in underprivileged communities and helping bridge the digital divide. Visit our website, check out our related Nomad Futurist Podcast and connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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