In this special series podcast episode spotlighting Ambassadors for the Nomad Futurist Foundation, host Nabeel Mahmood warmly introduces Lindsay McConville, a Senior Consulting Engineer based in Amsterdam at Northshore. McConville’s expertise spans energy efficiency projects, asset validation, and data analytics across various client portfolios. Passionate about fostering connections and addressing sustainability challenges within the digital infrastructure sector, she thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration and data-driven insights. She finds it important to educate kids on digital infrastructure, something at the center of everyday life, and give them an opportunity to explore it.

McConville stumbled into the data center industry by chance, yet her enthusiasm to engage young minds in this field is palpable. Honored with the 2022 Emerging Talent Award by Infrastructure Masons, Lindsay’s dedication to the industry is evident. Beyond her professional endeavors, Lindsay actively engages in community-driven initiatives, including empowering girls in STEM education in The Gambia and supporting local youth programs like the Boys & Girls Club of America.

For the past three years, McConville has returned to her high school engineering class to share her experiences in the data center industry, witnessing the evolving reactions of students firsthand:

“I most recently did that a couple of weeks ago for the class, and it was a really great conversation with them. I was quite surprised by how much they knew about the data center industry before I even presented. So that was quite impressive to me.”

McConville highlights the main topic that has been getting her excited to continue work in the data center space:

“Looking at the differences I’m seeing between the U.S. and Europe is sort of one thing I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. And when I was working in the U.S., the data center industry was really driven by the hyperscalers. It’s really driven by the larger companies, what they’re doing. Whereas over in Europe, I’m seeing so much revolving around compliance and regulation.”

When asked what advice for her younger self, McConville emphasizes:

“Stay motivated. Stay curious. Continue to ask really good questions. I think we don’t do that enough. I think questions are really valuable.”

This episode showcases Lindsay McConville’s journey into the data center industry and displays her passion for getting other young professionals into the space. Her story serves as an inspiration for those navigating their career paths in telecommunications. Connect with Lindsay McConville on LinkedIn to stay updated about her ongoing journey.

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