Dive into the dynamic world of data center innovation with Karen Petersburg as she joins Jodie Lin in this engaging episode of the Academy Committee special series. With 17 years of expertise, Petersburg has navigated through complex projects and spearheaded major infrastructure renovations. As the Vice President of Data Center Development and Construction at PowerHouse, and with a rich background as the director of design at Digital Realty Trust, she is a driving force behind cutting-edge developments in the industry.

Beyond her professional life, Petersburg actively contributes to the data center industry as the president of the local 7×24 DC Chapter, with board and committee positions for the Data Center Coalition and the Nomad Futurist Foundation. Furthermore, Petersburg is dedicated to exploring the philosophical and socio-economic dimensions of data, contemplating how it impacts our daily lives and shapes our globalized society’s future.

Petersburg discusses her strategic thought process behind initiating the Nomad Futurist Academy committee structure, emphasizing the necessary steps to integrate essential modules into the curriculum:

“How can we get to the end result? Which is to get a module into the course. What are the steps that we need to take in order to do that? And so we came up with a program on what we thought made sense, and we’re trying to streamline some of the activities for the folks who are trying to put the content together because one of the biggest hurdles to anything is, the amount of work that has to go in in order to make it reality.”

Touching on the critical importance of data center education for younger generations, Petersburg states:

“And having young children, it’s so important at this young age to get them understanding that there is more out there… There’s just so much misperception out there that we can fix by hitting the younger generation because then they’ll learn it’s, hey, it’s not actually what you’re thinking by just looking at the big box, right?”

Petersburg further speaks about the issues the Nomad Futurist Academy is working to solve:

“The Nomad Futurist solves a lot of great problems, right? Because it not only grabs the education and the experience from some of these more senior people and passes it along to the younger generations, we capture those lessons learned, but it also provides a way to educate the public.”

Karen Petersburg’s episode explores how the Nomad Futurist Academy is tackling industry challenges head-on, bridging the gap between generations and revolutionizing public education on digital infrastructure. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring trailblazer, this episode is your gateway to shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow. Tune in now and stay ahead of the curve with the Nomad Futurist Foundation on LinkedIn.

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