Mark Gusakov, Director of Client Resiliency for Uptime Institute, launches the Academy Committee series of special episodes with Phillip Koblence. With a two-decade career spanning automation, process control, and value-added consultation, Gusakov has dedicated himself to elevating client facilities and interests to world-class performance standards. Gusakov continues to pursue advocacy for clients in their overall performance and stresses the importance of data-driven accuracy for management and operational success.

In addition to his role at Uptime Institute, Gusakov serves as a Board Member and Advisor for the Nomad Futurists. He is recognized for his expertise in building and promoting the curriculum of the Nomad Futurist Academy, a resource designed for up-and-coming data center professionals.

Reflecting on a survey conducted by Uptime Institute last year, Gusakov highlights a crucial challenge that the Academy is working to overcome:

“75% of this industry has 11 plus years of experience in this industry… At some point, those people are going to retire. And the other odd demographic is that the people who have one to five years experience in the industry make up 8% of the total demographic.”

Drawing from his diverse background, Gusakov exemplifies how individuals from various fields can contribute to the data center industry:

“We need to grab all the people in this industry who are smart, who have skill sets, and take the skills that they have and put them out there for everyone to experience as an example.”

Once the content modules for the Academy come together, Gusakov remarks on one of the desired outcomes:

“We start training people and teaching them and educating them about the industry, we will then be the centralized repository for people to come to us.”

Mark Gusakov’s episode lays the foundation for the Nomad Futurist Foundation’s mission to bridge the education and age gap in the data center industry. He outlines how the Academy is bringing ideas to fruition. This insightful episode is a must-listen for anyone aspiring to make their mark in the world of digital infrastructure. Stay updated by connecting with the Nomad Futurist Foundation on LinkedIn.

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