A big picture thinker, intellectually curious, savvy problem solver, artfully combines technology and business expertise to help global corporations in the pharmaceutical, life science, and electronics manufacturing drive corporate and stakeholder value improvement through innovation and emerging technologies. Nick-named “the firehouse” for the depth and breadth of her knowledge, Joanne Friedman has lead the transition of tech R&D into a respected product ideation and technology consulting firm focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and helping enterprises transform business models to derive more returned value on their enabling digital technology investments. 

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, we are tasked with enormous challenges and opportunities.  As tough as things are at the moment, Joanne believes that every lousy situation also brings an opportunity to those who know where to look… and the good news is, you’re just in time to benefit from what is likely to be one of the most significant investment opportunities ever with what’s been happening to technology markets around the World during this crisis, there’s a huge potential for gains if you know what you are doing.  Joanne and the #nomadfuturist discuss how enterprise and technologies are modifying their strategies and design approach given the surge in end-user demand and how COVID-19 will further impact the industry. 

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