As co-founders of Nomad Futurist, one of the best parts of our initiative is getting to tell the #NomadFuturist stories and sharing them with the world. In 2020, we set out to create awareness of the #digitalinfrastructure space, demystify technology, and create a platform where guests from a range of backgrounds could feel comfortable sharing the passions and challenges that led them to where they are today. Our hope is that these fascinating and often adventurous stories serve as inspiration for younger generations to pursue fulfilling careers.

We want to thank you for telling your friends and family about Nomad Futurist. This community is strong and spans many countries. That’s a testament to how we motivate one another and to the power of technology to unite us when so much else in the world seeks to divide us.

Never have we needed unity more than in the past two years. The joy and resilience captured in these podcast episodes, the encouragement inspired by your comments and kudos, and the community we are building will make this world a better, kinder place.

We have great plans for 2022, and your contributions will help us progress toward solving some significant problems. So how can you help keep this going? Simply tell your friends about Nomad Futurist and what it means to you, and stay engaged. Every effort counts!

No matter what the New Year brings, we are here to serve you. We wake up every day eager to make Nomad Futurist better because we know it matters to you and others around the world.

We’re thankful to all our podcast guests for your participation and support of our mission, and to our many subscribers for listening and spreading the word. As we enter 2022, we are very excited about the new Nomad Futurist Foundation and the impact it can have on children in underserved communities. We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy New Year!

Phillip Koblence & Nabeel Mahmood

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