Nabeel Mahmood and Phillip Koblence sat down with Doris Li Yeh, CEO and Founder of Mirapath, a Data Center Critical Infrastructure Total Solution Provider, to discuss her education, travels, how she started her career, and much more. At Mirapath, Doris drives growth strategy for the company with a focus on nurturing relationships, committing to excellence, being driven by results, and striving for innovation and excellence – while having fun and enjoying the journey together.

Yeh is passionate about leadership development, women empowerment, and cutting-edge technology related to platform development in the data center and IoT space. As a founding member and co-chair of the minority women initiative USPAACC-WISE, Yeh channels her passion for empowerment by helping match corporations with minority businesses and helping women own their space and their voice.

“When I talk to women from all different races, even today, they’re saying that the job of a woman is actually being a mom. I do think that is our job, but it should be shared equally with the father. Today, we don’t think that is what is happening and that representation matters.”

Before becoming the powerhouse saleswoman, business owner, and leader, she had a long journey to get to where she is today. As someone who has been in sales for many years in their career, Yeh understands the importance of building positive relationships, having motivation, and how that can impact a customer’s perception of the organization.

“I think when you care about the result of your customer, it’s not really about the sale. You do get a high from selling, but really, you understand the problem that your customer has and you have pride when you actually solve the problem. I always tell people that if you do that, the money will come because your customer will know that you care and they will keep on coming back.”

Growing up in various different countries, with different cultures and ways of viewing one another, Yeh has developed a deep appreciation for being comfortable with your environment, the people in it, and what that can do for success. As a result, she is a strong believer in finding “your tribe” to thrive.

“Find your tribe, because if you really know what you want and you tell the world what you want, the world is going to help you find your tribe and then you’ll be in a safe place where you can continue to grow and flourish. It’s where you can do your art, be yourself, contribute, and learn.”

Through many different experiences, obstacles, and big decisions, Yeh is a thriving example of what can come from having a goal, setting expectations, and following through. For more information on Yeh’s amazing journey to get to where she is today, follow her on LinkedIn and listen to this engaging conversation. The story of how Yeh went from Brazil, to America, to creating the successful business she has today is one you won’t want to miss.

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