Dr. Julie Albright is a digital sociologist who has spent her career looking into the future to predict where we are going. She is a thought leader on the growing intersection of society, behavior and technology and is currently a lecturer in the departments of Applied Psychology and Engineering at USC where she teaches Master’s level courses on the Psychology of Interactive Technologies and Sustainable Infrastructure.

Albright began her career focusing on sociology, marriage and family therapy. Her awareness of online dating and chat led her to consider the relationship and implications of how computers and digital modalities have affected society. In this #NomadFuturist podcast, Dr. Albright discusses how her interests have led to collaboration with thinkers and doers in the tech and business space, as the importance of understanding the human element becomes critical to bridging the gap between technology and society.

The way so many of us live online, using our devices to meet, mate, socialize and do business, has become even more relevant as we all attempt to cope with life in a post #COVID19 world. Albright explores the implications of this COVID “reset” moment. She also discusses the new reality of an “untethered” workplace and the desire by younger generations of workers for a greener work/life environment.

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