With the digital infra sector growing at the speed of light, it has become paramount that younger generations are shown the ropes and the path into the industry. But this is easier said than done and as the latest report by Eight Roads shows, where more than half of respondents said they are considering leaving their tech jobs.

“The young generation is the future of tech,” surveyors say. “Understanding what motivates them in the workplace and the best way to support them to manage their careers will help the tech industry craft programs to retain them, develop them, give them a sense of stability and belonging.

“Job security, strong co-worker relationships and compensation should not be overlooked or underestimated, as they are important considerations for today’s young generation in tech when it comes to deciding whether to invest and stay in their current roles.”

The data centre space and the wide digital infrastructure space is well aware of these challenges. However, there are several initiatives working to shirk the entry gap.

One of those movements is the Nomad Futurist Foundation initiated by tech entrepreneurs Nabeel Mahmood and Phillip Koblence. Speaking to The Tech Capital at infra/Structure 2022 by Structure Research in Toronto, Canada, the two co-founders take us on a backstage tour of the Foundation and explain why the need for it, what is missing in the marketplace around bringing new talent to the forefront – also taking into account important notions around sustainability, for example – and where they intend to take the venture in the future.

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