In this freewheeling podcast Carrie Goetz talks about her extensive career in IT.

Goetz recounts her accidental entry into the world of technology. Originally a theater education major, she shifted to architecture which led her to writing code for AUTO-CAD. She quickly realized that she would get paid more as a programmer than as an architect. She next took on a project in the then nascent field of networking. 

Goetz fell in love with the constantly changing challenges of tech and has fearlessly pursued each opportunity that has presented itself. This has resulted in a long and distinguished career as an IT executive, consultant, mentor and international keynote speaker with over 250 publications in 69 countries. 

Goetz is particularly excited by the Smart City projects she is currently involved with. She discusses issues of governance and the challenges posed by the trade-off between privacy and security.

As a pioneering woman in technology, Goetz has spearheaded initiatives to support women in tech as well as promoting diversity across various IT industries. She also discusses how this COVID moment is having positive implications for women in the workforce. 

Because of the ubiquity of 5G and Edge, Goetz is extremely optimistic about the opportunities for young people in tech.

“The data centers will be everywhere. The jobs will be everywhere. These jobs are coming to a city near you.” 

And despite the advances in AI and robotics, she does not see a time when the human workforce will be obsolete as “somebody will still have to program the robots!”

Goetz’s generosity and enthusiasm are infectious as she encourages newbies to make their own way.

“If you have a good idea, stick with it!

If one path doesn’t work, find a different path!”

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