In this episode, Phil and Nabeel are joined by a father-son duo well versed in the world of tech, the Farneys. Sean Farney is Executive Director, Data Center Strategy & Innovation at JLL, responsible for driving strategy and innovation across JLL’s global data center business.

His son, Conall Farney, is currently a senior at Purdue University and has an Engineering Project Manager internship at Dragos, Inc, an industrial cybersecurity company on mission to safeguard civilization.

Before getting to know Sean a little more, Nabeel wanted to know how life was for Conall growing up with a dad so involved in the industry:

“Whether it was Legos or it was in the workshop, I was always someone that was a physical builder, I loved to build things and take things apart. I always had that kind of stem engineering mind. So to have a dad that was aligned with me in that aspect, really helped carve me and shape me to be the person I am today in the technology industry.”

So far in his career, Conall has already gone through some phenomenal experiences. He shares some of his aspirations for the future:

“I want to be working with people in technology. One thing that I could definitely see myself doing, you know, outside of the typical, is to start my own company and run my own company.”

Sean discusses Conall’s time at Purdue, and how tech has changed so much over the years:

“Back in the olden days, the computer stuff was all just purely nerdy and geeky, right? And that’s all it was and it wasn’t cool. Now it is cool and it’s at the forefront of everyone’s value.”

Connect with Sean and Conall on Linkedin to learn more: Sean Farney | LinkedInConall Farney | LinkedIn

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