In this engaging episode of Nomad Futurist, Nabeel Mahmood and Phillip Koblence are joined by Melissa Reali-Elliott, the Content Marketing Manager for DC BLOX. With nearly two decades dedicated to marketing digital technologies, Melissa, a self-proclaimed data center enthusiast, is a consistent contributor to various industry publications. Notably, she authors the Data-Centered column for Mission Critical Magazine. Beyond her background in marketing and communications, Melissa has lent her voice as an advocate for diversity and sustainability initiatives. To these efforts, she contributed to the 2022 bestseller “Greener Data,” a multi-author, visionary book that features the voices, stories, and perspectives of leading decision-makers in the data center and network infrastructure industry to share timely insights that inspire positive change towards sustainability.

Melissa articulates  how her passion for marketing, economics, and psychology harmoniously intersect:

“[Marketing] has to always have its finger on the pulse of what the latest trend is and be tied in and be able to talk about it and make sure that their customers are getting the products represented that they need to learn about. It makes the entire industry better if we get the right product to the right people.”

She then shares insightful perspectives on how the industry can purposefully structure diversity, emphasizing the need for more intentional efforts:

“We don’t do as much to talk about why women specifically fit into the framework and the unique skills that they bring. We kind of just say, ‘Hey, you pick your path and figure out where you can carve out your niche’. And that’s great for those who are driven to do that, but if we need to attract more people into our space, we really need to do a lot more of that pairing and coaching and matching to align strengths with the job set.”

As the episode wraps up, Melissa shares where her personal and professional goals align into one overarching purpose:

“My mission specifically and what I like to say what I want to do here is to build a world that is connected, sustainable, and equal… Diversity of skill set and diversity of approach are all going to matter. And just taking everything that we are learning and sharing it. I think that is the unique area here where I’m trying to fill.”

Beyond a career overview, Melissa Reali-Elliott’s episode highlights diversity and inclusion while fostering curiosity. This episode is a must-listen for those on their own personal growth and career journey in the realm of telecommunications. Connect with Melissa Reali-Elliott on LinkedIn to stay updated about her ongoing journey.

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