The Nomad Futurist podcast has been launched to bring the world of critical infrastructure and related technologies to life and to attract younger generations to this career path. The podcast provides a platform for technology leaders to freely discuss not only the innovative work that they do but also the fascinating personal journeys that brought them to where they are today. The bi-weekly episodes are candid, entertaining, and conversational in tone and cover a range of industry-specific topics in a way that cuts through complexity. They also explore what is going on in the world today, including the challenges of living through a pandemic and preparing for a technology career that may not yet exist.

The podcast is the brainchild of technologists and thought leaders Nabeel Mahmood and Phillip Koblence. While the insightful co-hosts hail from widely different backgrounds and are located in worlds that are far apart –the relaxing world of Kona, Hawaii and the hectic urban environment of Brooklyn, New York – they share a common passion for examining the evolution of technology and society, and for developing technology leadership. 

“Nabeel and I started the podcast to fill a content gap that we identified on the datacenter conference circuit,” adds Phillip Koblence. “We noticed a consistent increase in the average age of conference attendees. We thought one of the reasons that the younger generation may not gravitate toward our industry is because there hasn’t been a spotlight on some of the fascinating people that we’ve met over the years, compared to personalities in finance, law, media and entertainment who have countless outlets to share their stories.  A contributing factor may be that younger people experience technology through graphical interfaces, divorced from any understanding of the underlying infrastructure– the actual servers, network connections and datacenters that allow them to work. So, we decided to create a forum to bring the industry to life.” 

“Every one of our guest speakers serves as inspiration, says Nabeel Mahmood, “an opportunity to gain knowledge, hear a new story, and experience a different perspective on the field. Nomad Futurist offers a comfortable environment in which technology leaders who may be used to delivering strictly technology-based talks can shed their everyday work personas and speak openly about the journeys, often complex, challenging and unexpected, that brought them to the present. Our listeners can benefit from hearing life tips such as how to take risks, how to recover from failures, how to manage, how to collaborate, how to delegate, how to keep growing. In many ways, Nomad Futurist encourages everyone to be a bit out of their comfort zone.”

Join Phil and Nabeel as they explore the intersection of technology and society with guest speakers from around the world.

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