Digital transformation has changed the way we work and the way we live. No industry has been left untouched. With the growth of digital, AI, IoT and 5G, data is being generated at unprecedented rates and with this, our dependence on data centers expands with each passing day.

The operations of the data center industry, however, remain shrouded in mystery for those not directly involved in it. The general population and even some within the industry itself may not give data centers much thought other than considering things like location and security and the existence of a customer lounge. 

Data centers are simply perceived as impenetrable fortresses that ideally exist somewhere out of sight – their vital, mission-critical role in enabling the smooth business operations of so many industries or protecting against a range of disasters seldom understood or heard about. A few more knowledgeable people may go as far as imagining the loud hum of electricity, endless rows of servers, and somewhere deep inside, a few geeky guys in T-shirts racking and stacking or whatever it is they do. Quiet, uninteresting guys, managed by anti-social self-effacing technology directors or CTOs. The kind of people who often end up at the bottom of the list for a big industry event.

With the advent of the cloud, software-defined networking (SDN), automation, and AI, the picture becomes murkier still – a layer of abstraction now obscures the picture – the guys become geekier still, and what they do, even less understandable.

The Nomad Futurist podcast is designed to shatter existing perceptions and shed light on an exciting, ever-evolving industry and on the fascinating men and women who power it – who may own, operate, manage or work within the space. Our show provides a platform for sharing the inspiring life stories of people from all walks of life, engaged in a range of activities from entrepreneurship and operations management to technology leadership to engineering and technical problem-solving. Tune in to our podcast and gain insights into a dynamic and exciting world – a world that is, and will continue to be, at the heart of everything. 

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