London, UK/ Hawaii, USA, Sep. 28, 2021 – The Tech Capital, a digital media and events platform providing valuable content and data covering the global digital infrastructure business, markets, investment and finance, announces that it is a media partner of the Nomad Futurist Foundation, with its mission to inspire the next generation to understand how digital technologies power our world and cultivate future industry leaders.

The Nomad Futurist Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation established to demystify the world of digital infrastructure and the related technologies that impact every aspect of our daily lives. It was launched in 2021 by technologists Nabeel Mahmood and Phillip Koblence following the successful broadcasting of a podcast with the same name. The Foundation’s primary focus is to empower young children in underserved communities through exposure to digital technologies.

Through industry contributions, the Foundation is launching global programs in partnership with a range of education providers, NGOs and other nonprofit organisations committed to educating children in underprivileged communities, promoting diversity and inclusion, and opening up opportunities for growth and new career paths.

“At The Tech Capital, we strive to be a better company for our co-workers, customers and partners, fostering and encouraging diversity and inclusivity, as our mission to provide authentic content and a genuine online experience to our global readership generates insight and information for the complex world in which they are engaged,” says João Marques Lima, founder and editor of The Tech Capital. “Partnering with the Nomad Futurist Foundation is a symbiotic relationship as both our platforms place a strong focus on the younger generations and how to open the doors of digital infrastructure no matter where youths are based, their beliefs, skin colour, sexual orientation, economic conditions, or any other background.”

 “A primary goal of the Nomad Futurist Foundation is to provide K-6 children in underserved communities with a strong foundation in digital technologies,” coments Mahmood. While some children may know how to use popular apps, they do not know why and how these apps work.  Our intent is to reach them at a young age, when their minds are like sponges and introduce the topic of digital infrastructure to school curricula in order to promote understanding, along with new learning pathways and opportunities. We are delighted to partner with The Tech Capital who share our commitment to education and equity in the information technology and critical infrastructure space and to effecting real, sustainable change while developing the leaders of tomorrow.”

“Diversity and inclusion are key to the future success of our industry,” adds Koblence. “We need to create a culture at the highest levels that embraces people’s uniqueness. Everything that the Nomad Futurist Foundation undertakes, from our podcast to our various educational programs, is about celebrating authentic stories and encouraging unique journeys based on interests and passions. Diversity is not about simply checking a box, it’s about creating an environment that supports and recognizes the invaluable insights that come from different lived experiences, insights that can help inform our way forward.”

The Tech Capital launched in June 2021 and has rapidly become the home for digital infrastructure information and analysis on business leadership and investment with an audience of readers and viewers from nearly 200 countries.


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