What will our lives look like in 2098? Dominique Luchart, a multi-faceted creative trailblazer calls on her experience as a futurist, filmmaker and science fiction author to address these questions in a lively conversation with Phil and Nabeel.

“I always felt at home relating to tomorrow,” she shares, citing Isaac Asimov and French sci-fi author René Barjavel as major influences. “I liked how they addressed the human issues, the moral implications with regard to technology, what we will fight against as well as welcome.”

Born and raised in France, Luchart studied in Europe and North America where she obtained a Juris Doctor degree. She then moved on to advertising, screenwriting, film making, and writing. She is the founder of WindHorse.net, a film and TV production company and WindomMedia.com, a transmedia company developing AR/VR games and the upcoming Newdawnworld.com, an immersive, interactive community based on Luchart’s NEWDAWN saga in which readers and fans will be invited to participate as characters and help shape the narrative.

Luchart discusses how new technologies, particularly AI will transform the way we live, work, travel, and take care of our bodies. She sees AI networks underpinning the entire social infrastructure: food supply, distribution, transportation, and climate control. She predicts a symbiotic human-machine relationship in which humans are monitored by implants that will prompt adjustments in health care.

Luchart and Nabeel debate the possibilities of a dystopian outcome. She sees a very real risk of machines taking over whereas Nabeel asserts that machines will never achieve sentience, that the risks will always derive from the human creators and operators of the machines.

Luchart expresses concern about the need for ethical standards and values in navigating the challenges that will be faced by scientists, geneticists, and world leaders. Despite potential risks, she is confident that AI will ultimately free us to be more creative and to lead better lives.

As a life-long entrepreneur, Luchart emphasizes the importance of having a support system:

“You need to have your own tribe – people who have skills you do not possess, people who care about you and your mission, who may have different opinions and who can advise you when you are going in the wrong direction. It’s important to be able to pivot!”

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